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NCE Development, LLC, was formed to service the needs of small, mid-sized, and large pharma on both the CRO and sponsor sides of the fence. The vision is embodied in the concept of a project catalyst; an entity that lowers the barrier to doing good science.

Much as an endogenous catalyst (enzyme) in the body facilitates a biochemical reaction between two partners, the NCE mission is to bring together, and manage, the exchange of technology between sponsor pharma companies and CROs. The selected CROs will be groups that have a proven track-record for delivering high quality NCEs in a timely manner to support pre-clinical and clinical drug development.

About Our Founder

Professional Organizations

We are proud members of the following organizations:

  • American Chemical Society
  • American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists
  • North Carolina Regulatory Affairs Forum
  • North Carolina Pharmaceutical Discussion Group

Resources of Interest

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